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How to gain an MBA while working?

How to gain an MBA while working

Gaining an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) has numerous benefits. Self-development, self-satisfaction, promotion at work, and social recognition are some of the major benefits of obtaining an MBA. However, it is not an easy task. It requires your commitment and a substantial amount of time. People with both work and family commitments may find doing an MBA course a daunting task. This is why it needs a well-thought out plan.

Step 1

A decision must be on the mode of study. An MBA can be pursued by distance learning, campus learning, and/or online. Some universities offer blended learning options as well.

Step 2

Choose the right MBA course. MBA is of two types: generic and specialist. Whether to pursue a generic or specialist MBA should be decided by the work place requirements and your future career aspirations.

Step 3

Choose the right university. A good number of universities offer MBA programmes. Anybody wishing to pursue the course online needs to be careful to choose a university. Quality, recognition and accreditation of the university concerned are some of the factors which need to be taken into account.

Step 4

Ensure some time-off from the work place. Having a meeting with the line manager may help you in this regard. Companies are now-a-days supportive of the staff pursuing relevant and higher education programmes.

Step 5

The finance issue has to be sorted out. Usually, postgraduate qualifications are self-financed. Sometimes, the employers also contribute to some extent. Postgraduate study loans are also available in the UK. So, without any delay, it must be decided as how to finance the study.

Step 6

Apply to the right university at the right time. A delay may occur if the application is not made on time. Please make sure that you have the scanned copies of all of your educational and professional credentials as you would be expected of applying for the course online. Keep two references ready as well.

Step 7

Join the chosen university. You must ensure that you have enough time for conducting  research at Postgraduate level, doing the assignments on time, and participating in the unseen examinations (if any) according to the schedule.

The article publication date: 06 September 2016

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Author: M Rahman

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