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Stakeholders of Premier Inn (Stakeholder Analysis)

Stakeholders of Premier Inn (Stakeholder Analysis)

This is a detailed assessment of the stakeholders of Premier Inn (Stakeholder Analysis). A stakeholder analysis is a method of analysing the impact of different individuals or groups on an organization. Typical stakeholders include customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, shareholders, employees, and even potential investors. Each of these individuals or groups may have a different set of objectives that can either help or hinder Premier Inn’s performance. Premier Inn is a British limited-service hotel chain that offers quality accommodation at affordable prices (Premier Inn, 2022). 


Internal stakeholders of Premier Inn


Whitbread is the owner of Premier Inn. It is the UK’s biggest hotel brand which is also growing in other countries. It is the most powerful stakeholder of Premier Inn as it has invested huge amount of money in it and wants to see it succeed well. However, it should be mentioned that its reputation was affected in the past because of ‘lasagne controversy’ and ‘horse meat’ scandals.



The employees are very important internal stakeholders of Premier Inn. Without them, the hotel cannot function at all. However, for them, perhaps the most important objective is the assurance of job security. They are interested to know that their job is secure. They also would want to be paid fairly for their work. Wickens (2021) reports that Premier Inn employees staged protests across the UK asking to be paid the living wage which displays their unhappiness with its financial rewards.


Premier Inn employs almost 30,000 people in over 12,00 hotels across the UK. It has a reputation of being employee friendly. In fact, its parent company Whitbread is considered a ‘Top Employer’ by the Top Employer Institute due to it being able to be meeting high standards across a range of employee conditions (Premier Inn, 2022).


However, it should be mentioned that the hotel has been experiencing staff shortages for quite some time. Consequently, its parent company has announced paying millions in wage rises and bonuses to try to combat constant staff shortages (BBC, 2021).


External stakeholders of Premier Inn


The most important external stakeholders of Premier Inn are the customers who book their rooms. They would want to be able to find the hotel easily and have easy access to the services offered by it. They would want quality services and good value for their money. They would also want it to offer competitive rates.


Guests would want to protect their identity and information while booking hotels online. They would want to feel confident that their identity and information are safe and secure. Interestingly, many guests expressed very deep satisfaction about their experience with many branches of the hotel though a small number of respondents expressed otherwise (Trip Advisor, 2022).



The competitors are the hotels that offer similar services to those offered by Premier Inn. They may be located in the same town as Premier Inn or may be located in nearby towns. They may offer lower rates to attract and take customers away from it.


Premier Inn’s main competitors are Holiday inn, ibis, and Easyhotel. However, it also faces competition from other global brands and many small and independent hotels. Therefore, it offers affordable prices, free Wi-Fi, tasty food, and has a bike friendly policy to differentiate from the competitors.



Premier Inn works with many suppliers/partners. These organisations would want to earn a profit from the services they provide to it. They would also want it to pay them on time. They would want it to be financially stable so that they can earn a good rate of return on their investment.


Summary of the stakeholders of Premier Inn (Stakeholder Analysis)

To conclude, Premier Inn has several stakeholders who it needs to communicate with and make them happy. However, it is challenging task as different stakeholders have different expectations which sometimes conflict with each other.


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Last update: 06 July 2022


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