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5 Online marketing strategies for small businesses

Last updated: December 2016


Online marketing is very vital for companies of any size. As long as the aims and objectives are concerned, online marketing does not differ from traditional marketing. Creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and retaining existing customers are some of the objectives pursued by both types of marketing. However, the issue of concern relates to the effectiveness of the campaigns. This article focuses on 5 online marketing strategies that are very effective for small businesses.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is very important for small businesses. It can be done in two different ways namely SEO and PSA. SEO stands for search engine optimisation which allows a company to get free traffic to its website through search engines. PSA stands for paid search advertising. Small businesses need to pay for this type of advertising. It should be mentioned CPM and CPC are two widely used methods to run paid advertising campaigns.

Content marketing

Customers need information to make their purchase decisions as different factors affect consumer behaviour. Content marketing is about providing both existing and potential customers with some general as well as specific information about products and services. The world today is fiercely competitive which requires businesses to provide their customers with relevant, accurate and up to date information. Content marketing was traditionally done through printed brochures and leaflets; however, today it is done through articles, videos and other forms of information on a business’s website. It should be mentioned that businesses must ensure that the information is beneficial for their readers and customers. Information should not be published for the sake of publishing.

Social media marketing

Small businesses can immensely benefit from social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and Pinterest are some of the best social media platforms available for them. They need to establish their presence in all major platforms. This can be achieved through sharing relevant contents with existing and prospective customers on a regular basis. Social media marketing is very effective to increase word of mouth and repeat purchases. In fact, presence in social media is a must for businesses.

Email marketing

It is another important online marketing strategy. Email marketing is about building a list of email addresses of the people interested in a business. By doing so, small businesses can personalise communication with their customers. This helps them keep in touch with the customers on a regular basis with minimal efforts. Many online marketing strategists believe that email marketing is one of the best strategies for a small business.

Mobile marketing

As mobile marketing can play an important role in overall online marketing strategy of a small business, a small business should ensure that it has a mobile friendly website (mobile version). Mobile marketing consists of adverts that appear on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Concluding remarks

In a nutshell, small businesses can use a number of online marketing strategies to promote their products and services. The 5 online marketing strategies discussed above are widely recommended by marketing gurus. If small businesses follow some or all of these strategies efficiently, they should easily succeed in the business world of the Internet.

Author: Joe David

Joe David has years of teaching experience both in the UK and abroad. He writes regularly online on a variety of topics. He has a keen interest in business, hospitality, and tourism management. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management.

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