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Different types of popular activities in beach resorts

Different types of popular activities in beach resorts

This article aims to explore different types of popular activities in beach resorts. There are millions of big and small beaches in the world and indeed many resorts have been developed in and around those beaches. Certainly, beach resorts are very popular holiday destinations for millions of visitors every year. So, what do they do when they are there?


Different types of popular activities in beach resorts

Beach resort refers to a place where people can go for holidays that has a beach and beach activities (Cambridge Dictionary, 2022). Beach resorts are different in terms of size, location, and services provided. Therefore, the provision of activities is different and may not be equally liked by every type of traveller either.


Some resorts have facilities for sports such as beach volleyball and water polo, while others may not have them at all. Therefore, instead of being very specific about the activities of one type of beach resort, this article aims to look into popular activities in general and divide them into two broad categories i.e. water activities, and non-water outdoor activities.


Water activities in beach resorts

The popular water activities in beach resorts are diving, kayaking, snorkelling, surf skiing, water polo, banana boating, windsurfing, and speedboat riding. No doubt that good swimming skill is required to do some of these activities. In some resorts, people can learn how to swim and dive with certified swimming and diving instructors. Some Caribbean resorts offer courses designed to introduce parents and their kids as young as eight to the sport of sailing.


Exploring the underwater world and bumping fins with reef fish and non-stinging jellyfish by snorkelling? Snorkelling is a great option for those who want to do something different in beach resorts. The best thing about it is that people can enjoy it year-round, even when the weather might make other activities difficult.


One of the top activities to do in a beach resort is sailing. It is an exciting and fun activity that can be done with friends or family. It is also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. People do not have to be sailors to enjoy this activity. In fact, most people who sail are just beginners themselves.


How about creating a lot of laughter and splashes with banana boating? A banana boat is an inflated tube designed to carry passengers who hold on tight and try their best not to fall off! Or, wishing to combine both surfing and sailing together in windsurfing? These are some of the adventurous and popular activities in beach resorts.


According to Kwan (2017) the best snorkelling destinations in the world are Raja Ampat (Indonesia), Komodo National Park (Indonesia), the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), the Coral Triangle (Asia Pacific), the Philippines, Silver Bank (Dominican Republic), Palau (Micronesia), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Solomon Islands, Isla Holbox (Mexico), and Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii). Some of the top windsurfing destinations are Langebaan (South Africa), Dakhla (Morocco), Cabarete (Dominican Republic), Lac Bay (Bonaire), and Gostoso (Brazil).


Non-water outdoor activities in beach resorts

Non-water outdoor activities in beach resorts can be divided into two groups i.e. active physical activities and relaxing activities. Active physical activities include tours around the resorts and local areas, playing sports such as beach volleyball, caving, beach football, cricket, and many more.


Hiking is also a popular physical activity. People can do that in most beach resorts; however, to do so, they need to have a lot of time in their hands. The best thing about hiking is the ability to see new sights each day and learn about the area. Similarly, horseback riding also gives people the chance to enjoy their time outside.


On the other hand, relaxing activities include but not limited to watching birds and siting on pool chairs. Some people find meditation, yoga, and reading books very relaxing in resorts as well.


Certainly, non-water outdoor activities in beach resorts are a great way to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature. They can also be a great way to exercise, which is a big plus for the health-conscious travellers. These activities also help people relax, which can improve their mood. Many outdoor activities are also good for mental health.


Safety precautions when going to beach resorts

Beach goers should always remember that water can be a dangerous place. It is therefore important to stay safe when they are in it. If people are not strong swimmers, they should not go in the ocean because of the risk of drowning. They should also watch out for rocks and sea creatures. Similarly, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to staying safe at beach resorts is to stay hydrated.



Beach resorts are great places to spend a vacation and there are plenty of activities to keep people busy while they are there. It is worth mentioning that although vacationing in a beach resort can be a great experience, it can also be overwhelming with all the activities to do.


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Last update:  19 March 2022


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