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How to make a difference in the world

Many people think that it is virtually impossible for them to make a difference in the world. They think they are simply ordinary people, and perhaps don’t have what it takes to make a difference. They also believe that making a difference in the world is the job of great people only. Well, they are wrong. We all can make a difference in the world every day. And to do so, we do not need to carry out enormous tasks. Neither do we need thousands of pounds!

How to make a difference in the world

So, how to make a difference in the world? Well, there are many different ways that we can consider. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Challenge perception

The first and foremost thing to do, to make a difference in the world is to challenge the perception that making a difference is reserved for great people only. Ask yourself a question and be honest in your response.  Do you really think you can make a difference in the world? If the answer is yes, then move on!

Start now

Don’t wait for the right time to make a difference. Start now! You do not need a lot of spare time. And you do not need thousands of pounds either. A little bit of your time and effort can make a huge difference in someone’s life. So, what are you waiting for?

Make people feel good

Why don’t you make your family, friends and relatives feel good? It may sometimes be difficult to reach out to strangers, but surely you can reach out to the people you know. Call your friends and relatives and tell them how valued they are. And if you can, buy them a gift! If some of them have previously made you upset, forgive them and move on.

Share what you know

Are you passionate about something? Are you very good in a subject? If so, share it with others. You can share your knowledge of the subjects with others very easily by writing on social media networks e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. Your knowledge and skills may impact on other people’s lives in a very positive way.


 Your local charities may need volunteers. Can you spend some of your spare time in volunteering? Volunteering will not only help you contribute to social causes, but also provide you with opportunities to improve your interpersonal skills. The skills and experience that you gain from volunteering will certainly look great on your CV!

Be environmentally friendly

You can easily make a difference to the environment by doing many things. For example, how about driving less and walking more? How about consuming less energy? How about recycling, creating less waste, and planting more trees? Or, how about joining environmental groups to combat air pollution? See, you can do many things to make a difference to the environment. And, they are all within your means!


 Millions of people around the world are very poor. Millions of children are orphans. Can you help some of them? Why don’t you find a charity that you can trust and donate whatever you can afford. Yes, it is true that some charities have been accused of wrongdoings of many sorts; however, there are still many out there that are doing a great job.

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Last update: 15 April 2018


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Author: M Rahman

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