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How to make money online


The Internet is a great place to make money from the comfort of within your own  home. Many people have turned themselves into millionaires with the blessings of the Internet. However, making money online requires passion, patience and commitment. Making quick money; being millionaire overnight are the thoughts that should be questioned. But, then again consistent efforts online should pay us all off.

5 nice ways to make money online

There are many nice and easy ways available now-a-days to make money online; however, this article will focus on five only.

Affiliate marketing: If you have a website, you can think of affiliate marketing. In this method, you advertise the products and/or services of your chosen company on your website. If your readers click on the link/banner, they will be redirected to the website of the company. And if the readers purchase something, you will earn some commission from the company. Amazon, eBay and many other big companies have affiliate programmes which you can benefit from.

Online survey: Earn some cash and other rewards by simply giving your opinion online. There are some very good online survey sites you can join in and participate in survey. Note that you will not be rich through online surveys; however, it helps you financially to some extent.

Selling online: If you have something to sell, then why not go online? Many people are making loads of cash by selling online. Decide what you want to sell, take pictures of your products and demonstrate them on your website. And then sell! Selling through eBay and Amazon is also a very good option. Many would argue that selling through eBay and Amazon is lot easier than through an independent website, particularly from a beginner’s perspectives.

Writing online: If you can write on your chosen topic, why not publish your writing and get paid? There are a number of sites you can choose from e.g. Squidoo, HubPages, Helium etc. Write articles regularly and earn money! You can earn from $3.50 to $100 (or more) for each article depending on your experience and the quality of writing.

Blogging: Create a blog and write some good articles. Initially it may not pay you off that great; however once your blog gains some visitors, you can register with Google AdSense to display some adverts on your blog. You then get paid when your visitors click on the ads. Please make sure that you are NOT clicking on the adverts yourself. If you do so, Google will certainly ban you. Also note that apart from Google AdSense, there are many advertising networks e.g. AdsBronco, Infolinks,, Revenue Hits, Vibrant Media, Clicksor, and which can benefit you greatly.

The article publication date: October 2016

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Author: M Rahman

M Rahman writes extensively online and offline with an emphasis on business management, marketing, and tourism. He is a lecturer in Management and Marketing. He holds an MSc in Tourism & Hospitality from the University of Sunderland. Also, graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BA in Business & Management Studies and completed a DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Life-Long Learning Sector) from London South Bank University.

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