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Most common jobs in the hospitality industry

Most common jobs in the hospitality industry

This article aims to explore some of the most common jobs in the hospitality industry. There are usually four broad sectors within the hospitality industry i.e. accommodation, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and entertainment. The discussion that follows aims to explore the most common jobs in each sector.

Most common jobs in the accommodation sector

Accommodation (lodging) consists of different types of hotels and facilities that provide overnight accommodation for travellers. Hotels are of different types; however, there are some common job titles in each type of hotel. For instance, concierge, front office attendant, front desk supervisor, receptionist, hotel clerk, kitchen manager, restaurant manager, porter, hotel manager, shift manager, housekeeper, maintenance worker, waiter/waitress, supervisor of guest services, marketing executive, and accounting assistant are some of the most common job titles within the accommodation sector.

Most common jobs in the food and beverage sector

What are the main jobs in a restaurant? Well, there are many. Generally, the most common job titles in a restaurant are chef, sous chef, pastry chef, cook, kitchen porter, waiter/waitress, catering manager, beverage manager, baker, kitchen manager, bartender, dining room manager, and general manager (National Restaurant Association, 2019).

As stated above, there are many career opportunities in different types of restaurants. People aiming to work in restaurants should possess a variety of skills and qualities e.g. interpersonal skills, communication skills, flexibility, industry awareness, ability to learn quickly, ability to work under pressure and friendly behaviour. A good and successful restaurant needs to have a group of dynamic people who can work together as a team and perform well the tasks they are entrusted with. It is worth mentioning that the number of chefs, cooks or waiters to be hired depends on the size of a restaurant and its current market demand.

Most common jobs in the travel and tourism sector

Trains, airlines, cruise ships, and tour operators are some of the businesses that operate in the travel and tourism sector. Therefore, the job titles and roles differ significantly in each type of business. For instance, airlines have a variety of job positions e.g. pilot, cabin crew, flight instructor, administrative support staff, operations agent, technician, flight dispatcher, airport station attendant, passenger service agent, and ticket agent. Likewise, key roles in cruise ships include but not limited to managers, technicians, safety officers, retail staff, entertainers, bartenders, cooks, chefs, kitchen managers, IT staff, and beauty staff.

Most common jobs in the entertainment sector

Entertainment businesses such as zoos, museums, theatres, theme parks, and aquariums offer a wide range of jobs. For instance, art collection manager, house steward, designer, health & safety manager, technician, retail and admission supervisors, IT support staff, and curator are some of the popular operational jobs in museums.

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Last update: 30 September 2019


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