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Top 10 coffee producing countries in the world

Top 10 coffee producing countries in the world

The aim of this article is to explore the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world. Coffee is a very popular drink which is consumed in various ways. It is interesting that almost one third of global coffee production takes place in Brazil. Although there are over seventy other countries which have made their name and fame in this business, they are no way close to Brazil!


According to Shahbandeh (2022) Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Uganda, Mexico, and Peru are the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world. Brazil and Vietnam together account for around 60% of the world coffee production.


Top 10 coffee producing countries in the world



Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee. Around 10% of its GDP comes from the coffee industry which also employs around 3.5 million people. The Brazilian coffee is hugely exported to other countries; however, Brazil is also a top coffee consuming country in the world.


Brazil’s coffee production is extremely important to balance the global supply. A small reduction could cause a huge impact on the industry. It is worth mentioning that drought and frosts often hit the Brazilian coffee fields badly.



Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing country in the world with around 20% of the global coffee production (Shahbandeh, 2022). It plays a major role in the global coffee industry. Coffee production is a major source of its national income.  Though famous for low-quality coffee production, the country has upped its game as its reputation for quality is on the rise.



Coffee is a part of Colombia’s culture and tradition. It is usually grown in the mountainous regions of the country. Angel (2021) reports that around 550,000 Colombian families make their living growing it. However, it is also reported that producers failed to deliver up to 1 million bags of coffee beans in 2021 causing businesses involved in the industry heavy losses.



Indonesia is one of the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world. The Indonesian coffee is famous for its mild taste and its high caffeine content. It is mainly exported to the United States, Malaysia, Japan, Egypt, Italy, India, Spain, and Russia. It is indeed the 40th most exported product in the country (OEC, 2022).



According to most of the historians, coffee originated in Ethiopia. Many Ethiopians drink coffee with their meals, and the beverage is very important in their social life. Coffee production increased very well in the last several years. It is worth noting that over 50% of Ethiopia’s coffee is consumed locally.



The coffee production plays a big role in the Honduran economy. Agalta, Comayagua, Copan, El Paraiso, Montecillos, and Opalaca are the main regions for coffee production. However, coffee regions were badly damaged by hurricanes in the past. It should be mentioned that Honduras is the largest coffee producing country in the world by per capita.



India is also a giant in the global coffee industry. It has around 3% of the global coffee output, and famous for high quality. It produces two types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. The coffee industry employs around 2 million people.


Coffee is mostly produced in the southern part of India. In fact, about 70% of country’s total coffee production comes from Karnataka. Kerala and Tamil Nadu also play big roles in coffee production (IBEF, 2022).



The coffee industry is very big in Uganda. Around 8 million people are directly and indirectly involved in it. Uganda exports most of its coffee to countries such as Italy, Germany, Algeria, India, and Sudan. However, it has recently started exploring other international markets to reduce dependence on traditional buyers and increase profits for the farmers (Khisa, 2022).



Coffee was first grown in Mexico in the 19th century. Today, the country’s coffee production has been significantly reduced, as the main coffee-growing regions are now cultivated with crops such as corn and sugar cane. However, it is still one of the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world.



Peru is also well-known name in the global coffee industry. It is in fact one of the top exporters of Arabica in the world. Coffee is mostly produced in Chanchamayo, the Amazonas, and San Martin regions. Over half a million Peruvian families directly or indirectly depend on coffee production for their livelihood.


Summary of the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world

Coffee is a very important product for local consumption and export for many countries. Many traditional coffee producing countries have become consumers as well. With billons of cups being consumed globally every day, the global coffee industry is a key one to explore for many entrepreneurs.


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Last update: 04 August 2022


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